6 Mysterious Cases Of Bodies That Never Decomposed (6 Images)

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    The Children of Llullaillaco or Children of the Cold are mummies discovered by Dr. ‘Johan Reinhard’ and his archaeological team on 16th March 1999 at Mount ‘Llullaillaco’ which lies on the border of Chile and Argentina. The burial is believed to have taken place five hundred years before. It is said to be the best sealed ‘Inca’ mummies of all time. Three days into their search for ‘Inca’ sacrifice sites, Reinhard’s team discovered the grave site containing two girls and one boy. Several gold, shell and silver statues, textiles and pottery were also found. The younger girl’s body was struck by lightning after her death, causing burn damage on body, especially her face and shoulder. It is assumed that ‘La Doncella’ was an ‘aclla’ or Sun Virgin. Specifically, she was chosen and sacred as a toddler to live with other girls and women who would become royal wives, priestesses, and sacrifices. The practice of ritual sacrifice in the ‘Inca society’ was to ensure health, rich harvests and preferable weather. The mummies remain on display at the Museum of High Altitude Archaeology in Argentina.

  • 6 Mysterious Cases Of Bodies That Never Decomposed (6 Images)

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