Evolution of Romance… (5 Images)

  • Romance Is Dead

    If romance is dead, what comes after that? I really don’t know, but it’s looking like the routine is to have sex and then wish that there is some emotional link afterwards. This outline is not true for everybody, of course, but it is becoming more prevalent amongst the women I’m talking with these days. Maybe I’ll be established wrong, but it appears to me that as our culture has streamlined everything imaginable ‘even social relationships are now efficient thanks to face book’, there’s just no room left for romance. The only solution I can see, at slightest on imaginary grounds, is that women need to start demanding it from potential mates, and males who want to seem like good catches should start offering it. Maybe, just maybe, we can start to give the kiss of life to romance.

  • Evolution of Romance… (5 Images)

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