Airport Security Worked In The Worst Manner Read (11 Images)

The Airport security checks are sure much needed. This officer is trying to check what? It is a public humiliation some time the security officials crossed their limits and the passengers could not understand what has happened with them. When you see in this picture you can judge that, is it security checking or just […]

Acid Attack Victim Does A Beauty Tutorial For A Cause (5 Images)

Reshma is 18 year old Mumbai girl. Nice-looking and cheerful like all girls her age, she was a student of a “Local Municipality School” in Kurla city of India. She was hopeful of finishing school soon and getting a good job. Unfortunately, she was attacked with acid on 19th December 2014 allegedly by her brother […]

The New Fashion Trend! Wearing Nothing But Plastic Bags (7 Images)

A new peculiar fashion trend suggests you may have been overlooking the critical clothing item, in spite of unwittingly bringing it home with you after every shopping trip. People are stripping nude and posting their pictures of themselves wearing not anything but a plastic bag, as part of the most recent social media sensation in […]

This Is What Happens To Your Insides When You ‘Waist Train’ (4 Images)

Khloe Alexandra Kardashian was born on 27th June 1984 in Los Angeles, California. She is American television personality. In 2007, she and her family were commissioned to star in the reality television series ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians. This celebrity is now into what is known as “Waist Training”. She is basically wearing a corset […]

Ten Celebrities Who Have Committed Horrible Crimes (10 Images)

The Will Smith, “Men in Black star”, who is around 45 years of age, took this mug shot for his alleged involvement in a brutal beat-down that left one man nearly blind. He spent only 1 day behind the bars and called it the worst night of his entire life. The ferocious assault happened in […]

Meet The Woman With More Assets Than Kim Kardashian! (7 Images)

Kim Kardashian Doppelganger: “Actually the gal with the fab bottom is Kathy Ferreiro, and the online chatter is, she’s Cuba’s answer to Kim Kardashian Watch out Kim!” Keeping up with the Kim Kardashian look alkies the reality star has another doppelganger a Cuban model with nearly a million followers on Instagram. A Cuban model has […]

She Is 20 Year Old, Who Is Struggling To Reduce Her 42N Breasts (8 Images)

A woman namely Ginny, who is struggling with 42N breasts, which has been denied surgery to reduce them because NHS bosses told her case is ‘special’. Ginny, from New York, suffering from constant back pain and is unable to work instead claiming £250 a week in benefits, hence she is having a discomfort life due […]

6 Mysterious Cases Of Bodies That Never Decomposed (6 Images)

The Children of Llullaillaco or Children of the Cold are mummies discovered by Dr. ‘Johan Reinhard’ and his archaeological team on 16th March 1999 at Mount ‘Llullaillaco’ which lies on the border of Chile and Argentina. The burial is believed to have taken place five hundred years before. It is said to be the best […]

Model Who Lost 95% of Her Jaw to Cancer Poses For Stunning Photoshoot (7 Images)

Elizaveta Survival Story: “He wanted viewers to witness her fragile beauty, while also being inspired by her strength. Model poses in front of the camera for the first time since losing 95% of her jaw to cancer. A model who lost 95 per cent of her jaw to bone cancer has posed for her first […]

Did A Real Life ‘Fallen Angel’ Just Fall From The SKY In London? (5 Images)

This angel, lying faces down, have fallen from the Heaven. Calm down! On social media this image of the winged this old lady in white is not an actual fallen angel, expelled from heaven. I repeat, not an “Angel”, or even an actual person whosoever. This is actually an art system from 2000 that’s ancient […]