Man Turned Into A Real-Life Ken Doll (12 Images)

1. Real Life Ken Doll Meet with Rodrigo Alves is around 32 years old originally from Sao Paolo, Brazil, but who now lives in London. He has undergone 43 operations and has been likened to a “Real Life Ken Doll”. As part of his seventh nose job, doctors removed cartilage from his rib area and […]

16 Celebrity Derp Faces That Are Too Funny (16 Images)

1. Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway Jennifer Lawrence is an American actress and Anne Jacqueline Hathaway is an American actress and singer, you see both are giving pose with their Oscars behind the scenes at the 85th Academy Awards in Hollywood, California February 2013 and unfortunately, Anne’s face was caught on camera during an awkward […]

11 Epic Perfectly Timed Photos (11 Images)

1. Showing Her Assets Let’s know that how this girl became too bendy and her body is really flexible like rubber that is not only shocking but also making everyone cool. Her action is obviously too good for you guys that she does not need any training after using this flexible yoga practice, which made […]

Woman Sleeps With Her Snake Every Night, What the Dr. Said! Is Shocking (6 Images)

1.Love Is Blind Love is life and that can be in various shapes, here you can see the photo of this pretty girl with her pet snake, which sleeps with her on her bed. That is really very dangerous and can kill anyone but she is fond of the snake and love with this snake […]

Human Body Would Have To Be Built To Survive In A Car Crash (5 Images)

1.Graham, Who Was Created By New Road Safety Campaign Let’s know about Graham, who was created by Melbourne sculptor Patricia Piccinini, is part of the Victorian Government’s new road safety campaign. Piccinini drew from the knowledge of trauma surgeon Christian Kenfield and road safety engineer David Logan to build a body that could withstand a […]

24 Things You Have Never Seen In Your Life (24 Images)

1. She Is Definitely Doing It The Wrong Way, But Trying Won’t Hurt Look what are she doing it’s very dangerous of her mouth, she is trying to open Cane with mouth, that is not good idea for her everything can possible which can hurt the only part of the tooth that’s sensitive to pain, […]

Celebrities Who Didn’t Want To Kiss Their Co-Stars! (7 Images)

1. Angelina Jolie & James McAvoy You remember Wanted was a 2008 American-German action thriller first film based on a comic book series, it was the biggest action thriller of 2008 and starred Scotland’s James McAvoy and Hollywood’s most wanted leading lady, Angelina Jolie. There James who didn’t want to kiss Angelina and his character […]

18 Strange Ways to Drunk People Caught on Camera (18 Images)

1. Think Before Drinking It would not be difficult to say that she is a lady tried to enter into the window the reason might be that she drunken too much and closed the door keys remained inside, after finishing the drink when required to enter into the house again she found this window. Therefore, […]

15 Shocking Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations (15 Images)

1. Jennifer Hudson Jennifer Kate Hudson is an American singer, actress and spokesperson. She famously dropped 80 pounds as a Weight Watchers spokeswoman from 2010 to 2014 and recently stunned her fans postings. She was required to lose her baby weight before shooting ‘Winnie’ a movie about ‘Nelson Mandela’s’ wife therefore, she dropped round about […]

So What Does Tattooing Your Eye Feel Like? (6 Images)

1. Eyeball Tattoos That is possible that a procedure may be developed in the future capable of achieving this, up till now no one has been able to tattoo a design onto the white of the eyes, news has failed, because you see this eyeball tattoos are becoming more popular by the day, with many […]