The Do’s & Don’t Of Pregnancy! (7 Images)

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    If you started taking in more calories than usual or cutting back on exercise, you wouldn’t be surprised if the numbers on the scale crept higher. But what if you’re doing everything the same as you always do, and your weight still goes up? It’s time to delve a little deeper into what else might be going on. Think your weight gain may be due to too much muscle bulk. Before you throw your free weights out, you may want to reconsider. Some women are afraid that lifting weights may make them bulk up, but this is very unlikely to happen. Muscle is more metabolically active than other tissue and will ultimately help you lose weight. You’ll also look leaner and improve bone health. You will have to stop yourself from overeating and teach yourself to properly satisfy your hunger without stuffing yourself silly.

  • The Do’s & Don’t Of Pregnancy! (7 Images)

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